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Sagittarius is a care-free and playful sign -- which makes you a great Use your confidence and boisterous enthusiasm for sex to give your partner the . An Erotic Delights Astrology Report may be just the ticket to finding the.

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For more information about Zodiac sign astrology of this sign please click on highlighted link on Taurus. Zodiac sign Gemini is Mithun rashi in Hindi Astrology. If you were born between May 22 to June 21, you are Gemini. This sign is governed by planet Mercury. Gemini people are always active and engertetic. For more information about zodiac sign astrology about Gemini please click on highlighted link.

If your birth-date comes in any of date between June 22 to July 22 Zodiac sign your zodiac sign is Cancer. Cancer is Kark rashi in Hindi Astrolgoy. Planet Moon rules this sign. For knowing more about zodiac sign astrology of cancer visit on highlighted link on. If you were born any of date between July 23 to August 21 you are Leo. Ruler planet of sign Leo is Sun. Leo is Simh rashi in Hindi astrology. Leo people own pleasing personality. For more information about zodiac sign astrology of leo, please go through the highlighted link.

People were between August 22 to September 23 are Virgo. Virgo is Kanya rashi in Hindi astrology. Planet Mercury rules this sign. Virgo people are always dedicated and ready to help others.

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For knowing more about Zodiac sign astrology of Virgo, just see the highlighted link. You will read a lot interesting secrets about Virgo. Libra is Tula rashi in Hindi astrology. If you were born between September 24 to October 23 you are with sign Libra. Planet Venus governs tula rashi. Libra people are often interested in social work or activities. For reading about zodiac sign astrology of Venus, please go through the highlighted link. People, who were born between October 24 to November 22, are with sign Scorpio. Scorpio is Vrishchik rashi in Hindi astrology.

Planet Mars governs this sign. Scorpio people are always ready to sacrifice. For knowing more interesting astrological facts or knowing about zodiac sign astrology of Scorpio, read the highlighted link.

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Sagittarius is Dhanu rashi in Hindi astrology. People, who were born between November 23 to December 22, are with sign Sagittarius.

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Sagittarius people are always talkative, read the highlighted link for more information or about zodiac sign astrology of Sagittarius. When they learn how not to be their own worst enemy, their goals are apt to materialize. Jill M.

Phillips is the author of hundreds of articles on astrology as well as dozens of books. She has regularly written forecast columns for Astrology: Your Daily Horoscope. December 28 Birthday Astrology. December 25 Birthday Astrology.

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December 21 Birthday Astrology. Friends and Lovers These men and women subconsciously seek out friends who can give them validation. Sagittarius Information for December In time, they find beauty and love in all things in their life, even in the darkest and most challenging of experiences they have encountered.

When emotions of people born on December 21st spark up, they become fluent in so many ways and warm up to the idea of togetherness and a shared life with ease. However, they could have some trouble creating solid boundaries that keep them safe, while at the same time staying close enough to the other person, and realistically seeing their strengths and weaknesses over time. Just as any other Sagittarius, they tend to idealize those standing in front of them, seeing them as more similar or energetic than they actually are, and high expectations could cost them some health in relating to a loved one.

They need a partner who is not only energetically equal and creative as they are, but someone who is as emotionally deep and warm. The sense of personal value is to be built and truly manifested through balanced bonds where the two are equal and respect each other unconditionally. Individuals born on the 21st of December are excellent lawyers and judges, those who have the right perspective to see both side to an issue.

They may work in anger control courses and help those in need of psychological assistance. With their shadows accepted as their own, their people skills allow them to blossom in any area of expertise, and become loved by many doing the fiery creative work they were born to do.

Their talents lie in artistic expression of sorts, and a career in acting and singing is a very good choice for them, especially when it brings them in touch with darker roles and music genres that allow them to balance out negative emotions with the way they attempt to feel most of the time. Pink spinel is a wonderful, tender stone that signifies calm and renewal and teaches those born on December 21st about patience for themselves, showing them their own capacity for love.

It is a crystal known to return the energy to those who have lost it due to emotional issues from the past. It creates a solid connection to one's inner child, finding its place and its purpose in all things done by the individual without restrictions that typical collective limitations create.

The right birthday gift for someone born on December 21st is a lamp of any kind, a candle, anything that gives light and shines on the wall, terrace or the floor in their apartment. They will enjoy tickets for a good concert, something that inspires them to move and dance, and love romantic gestures much more than they might show while at a young age.