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Sagittarius is a care-free and playful sign -- which makes you a great Use your confidence and boisterous enthusiasm for sex to give your partner the . An Erotic Delights Astrology Report may be just the ticket to finding the.

One of the most detailed references on the Transneptunians. Intelligently written. Encourages independent thinking. Highly recommended. If out of print as is in mid see "Angles and Prediction" as alternative. Includes interpretations of planetary pairs, but excludes triplicites and technique instructional material found in "Orders" and "Mechanics".

One of the most detailed references on the Transneptunians and on the asteroids. The book includes information on the medical correspondences of the Transneptunians and midpoint structures. Includes some interpretations for some planetary triads. Ludwig Rudolph, Witte-Verlag. Rules for Planetary Pictures. Brummand, Ruth, Rudolph, Udo. Handbook of Techniques for the Hamburg School. Jacobson, Roger A.

Hades in Astrology - Uranian Astrology - Midpoint - Transneptunian planet - Harmonics

The Language of Uranian Astrology. Frawley, David. Buddhist Astrology. Richard Tarnas. Campion, Nick and Eddy, Steve. New Insights in Modern Astrology. Parry, Robert. Seymour, Percy. The Scientific Basis of Astrology. Gauquelin, Michel.

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Berlinski, David. The Secrets of the Vaulted Sky.

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Naylor, P. Astrology: An Historical Examination.

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Cumont, Franz. Astrology and Religion Among the Greeks and Romans. Kitson, Annabella. History and Astrology:Urania and Clio Confer. Garin, Eugenio. Astrology in the Renaissance: The Zodiac of Life.

The Language of Uranian Astrology

Moore, Thomas. Howe, Ellic. Goldstein-Jacobson, Ivy M. In the Beginning, Astrology. The Practice and Profession of Astrology. Edmondson, Edna Carr. Gettings, Fred. The Arkana Dictionary of Astrology. Lewis, James R. Michelsen, Neil. The American Ephemeris. Rosicrucian Fellowship. Tables of Houses: Latitude 1 to 66 degrees. Holden, Ralph William. The Elements of House Division.

Recommended Astrology Books With so many books available on Western astrology, new students are often bewildered as to where to start. The Book of Jupiter Arroyo, Steven. The House Connection Paul, Haydn. Planets in Aspect. Thompkins, Sue. Aspects in Astrology. Tierney, Bill. Dynamics of Aspect Analysis. Aspects and Personality.

The Yod Book. Reeves, Ricki. The Quindecile. Epstein, Alan. Retrograde Planets. Astrology for the Soul. Dobyns, Zipporah Pottenger. The Node Book. Nodes of the Moon. Clow, Barbara Hand. Asteroid Goddesses. Lehman, J. The Ultimate Asteroid Book. An Astrological Mandala. Mathews, E. Degrees of the Zodiac Hill, Lynda.

Sabian Symbols. Declination: The Other Dimension. Lineman, Rose. Your Prenatal Eclipse.

E513 Introduction to Uranian Astrology

The Arabian Parts Decoded. Rigor, Joseph E. The Power of Fixed Stars. The Art of Chart Interpretation. Chart Interpretation Handbook. The Changing Sky. Rhudyar, Dane. The Lunation Cycle. Lunar Returns. Relationships and Life Cycles. Hill, Judith. Vocational Astrology.

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Medical Astrology. Cornell, H. Astrology and Your Health. Electional Astrology. Frawley, John. The Horary Textbook. Doane, Doris Chase. Modern Horary Astrology. Planets in Youth. Star, Gloria. Astrology and Your Child. The Astrology of Self Discovery. Hickey, Isabel. Astrology: A Cosmic Science. Adam, C. Occult Astrology. Bailey, Alice.

Esoteric Astrology. Tobey, Carl Payne. Astrology of Inner Space.

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Daniels, Estelle. Astrological Magick. The Astrology of Fate. Astrology and Your Past Lives. Yott, Donald H. Astrology and Reincarnation. Comment : The opening chapters give an overview of Cosmobiology. Then follows many case studies, mostly of people who had unexpected endings. The famous names in the list above are taken from the newspapers, the others are from the author's own files, either as clients or as contacts. A useful book. AFA, pages, oversize.


Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars would you give this book? Tell us! Comment : From the introduction: "The proclamation of Destiny and Free Will is raising continuous questions of every astrologer Again and again the question arises: Could this accident or this particular event have been avoided? After an incident has occurred, retracing the correlation of the planets with the event is a simple matter, but it is a necessary step in the process of research.


I have gathered authentic information surrounding these tragic moments and will now give a brief account of how accurately Cosmobiology mirrors this experience. AFA, pages. A new system is born: Divine order, history, Alfred Witte, Challenging variations 2. Sensitive points: Definition, The intrinsic points, The visible planets, The Transneptunian planets 3. Planetary symmetry: Hard angles, The 90 degree wheel, Sums, Half-sums, The signs of the zodiac, Delineation of symmetry 5.

Antiscia: Definition, Location, Calculation, Delineation 6. Predictability: Fiscal date, Secondary progressions, Solar arc directions Ephemeris of Transneptunian planets, ; Appendices: 1. Comment : A brief, comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of the Uranian system. American School of Astrology, pages, small ring binder. Solos keywords for sensitive points in the horoscope, eg, planets, transneps, angles, etc. Duets keywords for simple midpoints, eg, Sun-Meridian, Jupiter-Pluto, etc. Bands planetary pictures, a sampling only ; 4. Wheels-jazz brief note on the 90 degree wheel.

Comment : From the introduction: "The true subtleties of astrology are expressed through the combinations of symbolic energy. Human experience is not linear.