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Sagittarius is a care-free and playful sign -- which makes you a great Use your confidence and boisterous enthusiasm for sex to give your partner the . An Erotic Delights Astrology Report may be just the ticket to finding the.

It's a tricky day for finances as the moon in Capricorn meets power planet Pluto and clashes with the planet of money, Venus. The moon enters Aquarius, bringing important information your way!

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It's an intense day for you, Capricorn, as the moon, which is currently in your sign, meets with the lord of the underworld, Pluto—repressed emotions come up for you to deal with. The moon enters Aquarius, bringing your focus to your finances, too. Make space for the difficult emotions that arise for you today. Examine the ways you disconnect and dissociate from your feelings. If you find yourself thinking there's no use wasting energy on something you feel sad or angry about, think again!

The moon enters your sign today, and it's exactly the time to feel what's bothering you rather than shutting it out. Find a friend to vent to, or scribble your truth in a journal. You're in the mood to socialize and network today, but tense energy flows as you wonder whether what's important and valuable to you is important to your friends, too. The moon enters Aquarius, asking you to slow down and rest. Important changes are taking place in your career and relationships, and you may be feeling overwhelmed! Connect with your friends and spend time with communities you're inspired by as the moon enters Aquarius.

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Things are intense now, but there's space today for you to dream about the future, too. The moon is in fellow earth sign Capricorn today, inspiring you to think about the big picture. This a period of new ideas to earn more money or to have a valuation report drawn up. From this moment there are financial relationships with foreign countries or there are travels, both business and private.

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The total Solar Eclipse in Cancer of July 2, could pose a new challenge for Pisces with inherent financial results. During this period there are developments with taxes, loans, insurance or testaments. Financial issues are connected to the partner, both private and business, so there may be a termination of a contract, divorce or the disintegration of a business partnership.

This period offers financial benefits through network activities and social contacts. From December 21, , the Winter Solstice, Pisces can count on financial support on the basis of friendship, but you are also expected to make sacrifices on your part.

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Give and take, Pisces. Family and Home From February 15 to March 31, , the transit of Mars in Taurus can lead to conflicts with close relatives, because you will not mince your words during this period. During this dynamic period, there is unrest and change at home or in the family. A favorable period for buying or building a house or property, a renovation, relocation or projects on and around the house. From May 17 to July 1, , the transit of Mars in Cancer indicates a strong attitude and need to express yourself and to be yourself. The Full Moon of May 18, in Scorpio can be the reason for a joint journey, freelance work at home or the realization of a home office.

From June 21, , with the Summer Solstice, the focus will be on children.

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The total Solar Eclipse in Cancer of July 2, affects children, so the second half of is dominated by your children, children of your partner, children in the family or children in your immediate environment. This period requires a different form of communication or other school choice or study direction. It is possible that, after a long time, Pisces decides to end difficult or irreparable ties with close family members.

From September until the beginning of December there can be a period of ups and downs.

From December 3 to December 2, , the influence of Jupiter in Capricorn can lead to better relationships and a positive approach in the family. Friendship will play a major role.

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Health The year is a year of physical and mental energy. As Summer approaches, it is good to focus on a new diet or lifestyle. Physical and mental relaxation is also indispensable this year. The Lunar Eclipse in Leo of January 21, falls into your House of Health and reveals hidden pain and secret desires in the coming six months. Releasing old pain and karma is necessary in order to go on. This Lunar Eclipse shows in the next six months the need for ergonomic adaptations at work and more relaxation and pleasure in daily life.

The period from February 19, , with the Sun in Pisces, shows good physical and mental health for Pisces.

On Tuesday, December 3 , however, Jupiter drifts into stoic Capricorn. When the moon also meets these celestial bodies in Capricorn on Thursday, December 26 , forming a dramatic solar eclipse, we can expect radical shifts to occur within our institutional systems. In many ways, we can see this profound alignment as a pivotal shift in the status quo, fueling the inception of new societal structures. So leave your comfort zones behind, cosmic warrior: is all about forward motion.

Are you up for a challenge, Aries love? Of course you are. Expansive Jupiter journeys through Sagittarius through most of , illuminating your explorative ninth house, the area of your chart connected to travel and philosophy. Now, you're ready for an adventure. This will be an excellent year to plan journeys, adopt new theories, or even go back to school.

No need to overthink it, because all paths lead to gold: On Tuesday, December 3 , Jupiter will cruise into Capricorn, highlighting your tenth house of professional achievements. Read your full horoscope here. Throughout , massive changes occurred on the relationship front. Now, throughout , expansive Jupiter cruises through Sagittarius, illuminating the area of your chart associated with emotional transformation.

This energy can be a bit intense for steady Taurus, who always prefer to dwell in their comfort zones.

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All of your self-actualizations will be rewarded toward the end of the year. Now through the end of , Jupiter will continue to glide across this relationship realm. Friends may become lovers this year, Gemini, so watch out for romance surfacing in extremely unexpected places. This is a big year for you, Cancer babe, so get ready for some epic transformations. Late , generous Jupiter began cruising through your sixth house of health and wellness, and through December , fortune will continue to smile on your commitment to self-care.

And I have great news: This year, the cosmos are ready to support the full range of your artistic pursuits. Jupiter in like-minded fire sign Sagittarius activates your fifth house, the area of your chart associated with creativity and romance. With abundant Jupiter illuminating this radiant realm, you can look forward to lots of passion, trysts, and butterflies in your stomach throughout The past 12 months have radically shifted your perception of community.

Throughout , you seemed to be the go-to person for all the juicy gossip — but, beginning in November of , you started feeling burnt out on the drama.